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Wood Staining & Refinishing

When working on a wood refinishing project, paying attention to a few key details is essential. The first step is to prepare the surface for the wood coating to penetrate the wood for a long-lasting finish.

Stains and clear finishes often fail when applied by amateurs because the coating dries on the surface rather than penetrating and bonding. Another key detail when applying wood stain is achieving the correct stain colour. 

When it comes to exterior stains, for example, Western Red Cedar reacts differently to wood stains than Cypress. We encounter the same challenge on interior wood surfaces, but various species, such as Teak, Pine, White Oak, Red Oak, Maple and Walnut, respond differently to stains and clear finishes. But with years of experience in the trade, Brilliant Painting Innovation takes pride in getting the job done correctly.

Our Brilliant Wood Staining & Finishing Process 


A home created with natural wood cladding provides an architectural aesthetic and wonder to daily living. However, as with all structures, wooden houses require special maintenance to increase their longevity.   

Brilliant Painting Innovation specialises in commercial and residential wood surface restoration and refinishing. Natural wood cladding and carpentry are the most difficult surfaces to preserve in Perth’s environment. 

With our one-of-a-kind industry-leading, innovative processes, expertise and trade secrets, you can expect longer-lasting, premium-quality exterior wood staining and finishing solutions. 


From hardwood floors and staircases to wooden panelling, wooden interior surfaces require tender love and care to remain a property’s selling feature or provide a cosy atmosphere that looks like it belongs in this century.  

Repairs and restoration of distressed, tarnished or damaged wood surfaces require specialised skill and understanding unlike any other element of our craft. This is why we pride ourselves on the fact that our interior woodwork has garnered a great deal of praise and commendation from our clients. 

Allow us to assess and quote your interior and exterior wood staining and refinishing requirements. 


We are reliable and have the best guarantee in the industry in Perth.

Our years of experience have shown themselves time and time again through many beautifully restored projects on the West Coast.