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Interior Painting
Service in Perth

When hiring Brilliant Painting Innovations to paint rooms in your home, we deliver the expertise and knowledge to help you pick the perfect colours, textures and finishes.

We work hard to compare the same colour in different light conditions and times of day, so your vision of your space becomes a reality night and day.


Rejuvenate tired, faded interior walls with a fresh coat of premium quality paint by Brilliant Painting Innovation. With our experience, expertise and intimate knowledge of interior paints, it’s a transformation well worth waiting for. We specialise in commercial and home interior painting services.

Trust in our exceptional skills and tailored customer service as we match your walls to the ideal paints and you will be astounded with the dreamlike results. We aim for brilliant, we deliver brilliant, and nothing less. So, are you ready to give your interior the ultimate makeover with a wall-tastic experience from the interior painting experts in Perth and surrounding suburbs?


Expert Assessment

Our interior painting services begin with an expert assessment of your space and the walls you need painted. We consider the size of the room, the texture of the walls and the look you are going for.

Match Made In Heaven

Once we thoroughly understand your space and your desired outcome, we match your walls with a subliminal coat of paint that is rich in colour, class and quality.

Sublime Finishes

Interior walls are our canvas, and we set to work on each project as though it were an artistic masterpiece, creating beautiful finishes for you to admire for days on end.

Royal Service

Living up to our name of true brilliance, our service is embedded in royal quality, making you feel pampered and giving you peace of mind that your interior walls are in safe hands with us.


Distinguished Interior Painting Services For All Walls in Western Australia

Every interior wall deserves a coat of class, and this is exactly what we provide at Brilliant Painting Innovation. Serving all suburbs of Western Australia, we are proudly local and take great interest in making sure that every wall in our vicinity is dressed to impress. Take advantage of our extensive, impressive colour palettes encompassing all styles from classic to contemporary to Avant-garde or vintage.

At Brilliant Painting Innovation, we understand that your interior space matters. Whether it’s an office, a living room or a bedroom, we bring your walls to life with an eclectic mix of colours for every mood and every desired atmosphere. With us, there is brilliance in every brush stroke and it shows in our portfolio of work. Take a look at some of our projects that have left our clients in awe, and speak to us about how we can transform your interior walls into something truly extraordinary.



Intelligent Framework

Interpersonal and communication expertise paired with an intelligent framework ensures your needs and schedule are accommodated with promptness and professionalism.


Paint Your Walls, Not Your Furniture

Excellent results go hand-in-hand with meticulous preparation. With our keen aptitude for fine details and the skills to execute every project professionally, our services are precise, neat, and clean. We also use special extraction techniques and equipment to facilitate dustless surface preparation.


Satisfying Finishing Touches

A smooth, crisp, and poreless finish is the very reason you should hire a professional, and you can count on us to deliver those satisfying finishing touches.


Wrapping It Up

We live by the law of leaving no traces behind. Upon completion, all that will be left behind is the new and improved look of your space. 

What We Promise Is What We Deliver.

We pair our world-class approach with only the finest quality paints and coatings from renowned suppliers, including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, and Fine Paints of Europe.

When colour is your passion, like it is for us, helping customers with colour selection is an absolute pleasure. Our Benjamin Moore Colour Range and rare Guggenheim Colour Palette stand as testament to the dedication we have to selecting the perfect colour choice for our clients.

Professional interior painting services in Perth, West Perth, and surrounding areas make creating your dream home easier than ever, and with us, you can count on the absolute best results!

So, when it’s time to get down to business and have all your colour selections put up on the wall, make sure you have a true colour expert by your side to guide you through how weather and lighting alter appearances. With all our knowledge behind your colour selection, you can rest assured that your space will look impeccable at all times!


Apart from a truly professional approach, we only use the finest paints and coatings from top suppliers like Wattyl and Dulux.

Tremendous attention to colour selection. Taking the time to assist clients with colour selections is our passion and one of the most satisfying parts of our job.

This is reflected in our colour selection tools, ranging from the Dulux colours to Wattyl, and everything in between. We believe that the client needs a good look at the colours they are selecting. Having all the colour cards and samples in the world are not enough to make an informed choice.

There is no substitute for seeing all your colour choices put up on the wall. This allows for the real paint sample to be seen in all lighting and weather conditions throughout the day.

That elegant silver-grey that you liked as a colour card might look perfect with artificial light but quite then different and less appealing in natural daylight conditions.