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Exterior Painting
Service in Perth

You have found the right painter for tackling an exterior project. Our teams are skilled painters with years of industry experience.

We make the process headache free by being safe, respectful to the environment/neighbours, clean, organized and well managed jobsites. Customised to your schedule and needs.


It’s time to enhance your curb appeal! Why settle for satisfactory when you can take your exterior status all the way to brilliant? Brilliant Painting Innovation offers exterior painting services in Perth and surrounding suburbs. 

We are proud to be Perth’s leader in exterior painting for commercial buildings, new-build homes and all repaints. Brighten your external walls with a fresh coat of paint from the experts and experience the difference.


House Painting

We are the preferred exterior house painters in Perth and serve over 100 happy customers every year. For exterior house painting in Perth and surrounding neighbourhoods, make the Brilliant choice.

Commercial Painting

As a corporate, an eye-catching exterior will help you stand out from your competitors and attract customers to your place of business. We turn drab into fab with our expert commercial exterior painting services.

Exterior Wall Treatments

With years of industry experience, we have the right exterior wall treatments for all situations such as mould, wood staining, waterproofing and more. We prepare and protect your walls for the most exquisite finish.

High Class Paints

Every wall needs good paint, but not every paint is suitable for every wall. We use only the best quality paints and match them to your wall surface perfectly to give you the most durable, aesthetically pleasing results.


If you’re wondering why you should choose Brilliant Painting Innovation for trustworthy and complimentary exterior painting in Perth, the answer is in our strokes of success. Since 1999, we have been painting exterior walls in Perth and surrounding suburbs, and each time we leave behind a fantastic piece of art that our clients love and adore.

Exterior House Painters In Perth: From villas to apartment blocks to houses, cottages and more, we will paint your house exterior anywhere in Perth. Trust our highly skilled team of professional painters for a neat, tidy paint job that will not disrupt your day.

Exterior Painters For All Perth Businesses: Small to large businesses are invited to make use of our pristine exterior painting services in Perth. We are careful to match the right kind of paint and the most suitable colour to your exterior wall surface for the best results. Contact us today for reliable, efficient commercial painting for all commercial buildings in Perth suburbs.



Intelligent Framework

Interpersonal and communication expertise paired with an intelligent framework ensures your needs and schedule are accommodated with promptness and professionalism.


Paint Your Walls, Not Your Furniture

Excellent results go hand-in-hand with meticulous preparation. With our keen aptitude for fine details and the skills to execute every project professionally, our services are precise, neat, and clean. We also use special extraction techniques and equipment to facilitate dustless surface preparation.


Satisfying Finishing Touches

A smooth, crisp, and poreless finish is the very reason you should hire a professional, and you can count on us to deliver those satisfying finishing touches.


Wrapping It Up

We live by the law of leaving no traces behind. Upon completion, all that will be left behind is the new and improved look of your space.

You Need Our Services; Here’s Why.

With the thousands of Vancouver exterior projects we have professionally completed since the 1980s, nothing is more important to us than delivering long-term results.

As leading exterior house painters in Perth, we believe that the most important part of the job is meticulous preparation. This is why we use state-of-the art dust and lead abatement techniques and equipment: because excellent results require excellent preparation.

As avid paint and colour enthusiasts, our most satisfying part of the job is introducing our clients to the various factors that contribute to how well certain colours take to lighting and textures. We take the time to help our clients make informed colour choices by giving them real-life visuals of their favourite colours painted on their exterior walls, so they can make informed decisions.

Our approach and process are completely unique to the industry. As much as we love painting, we love seeing our clients satisfied even more! Trust us for all your exterior painting requirements in Perth, Dalkeith, and The Vines.


We care about the long-term results. Having worked on thousands of Perth exterior projects since 1999.

Most of an exterior project is truly about preparing for the painting to begin. Our teams are very mindful of safety and site cleanups throughout the process. We get all this! There is an art and a science to colour selection and supporting you to choose your right colour is a passion for us.

Our approach to this process is unique in the industry. For example, the texture of the exterior surface to be painted is a big factor that many other companies do not highlight to customers. Colours look quite different on a chunky stucco versus smooth wood siding.

While we have a massive selection of colours and products ranging from Dulux to Wattyl, we know that looking at colour cards and samples is not enough to make an informed decision. There is no substitute for seeing your colour candidates put up on the actual exterior surface.

These paint samples will give you a true preview of what the colour looks like in all light conditions throughout the day and on the texture(s) of your house.