Recapping The Year’s Most Popular Commercial Colour Trends

We’ve all heard that first impressions are important, which is particularly true in business. What better way to impress prospective consumers or clients than with a well-maintained interior commercial space? If you want to reimagine your commercial property’s interior by contracting your local, trusted commercial painting services in Perth, here is a recap of this year’s most popular commercial colour trends to consider.

Paint is an effective method for altering the appearance and atmosphere of your interior spaces. It can be used to brighten a room, create a productive and professional environment, or highlight your favourite room features.

Maintaining Brand Consistency

Your brand’s values and the colours you choose for your walls should be complementary to send the right impression. The proper colour scheme can not only make your business more recognisable but may also contribute to developing brand identification and loyalty.

No matter what your business offers, it’s the quality of customer service they get from you and your brand that sets you apart. Using the same colours as your logo or brand is an excellent approach for improving brand recognition. Think about retaining or slightly modifying the existing colour palate associated with your corporate identity across your logo, business cards, website, etc.

Balancing Natural & Synthetic Colour Accents

The way technology connects with the natural environment inspires both commercial painting services in Perth and top Australian designers alike. The optimism and inventiveness of mid-century modernists have inspired designs that extended through the natural world, high into the sky and deep into the ocean. That energy is celebrated in this palette of white, charcoal and splashes of colour as it travels courageously towards the future.

Introducing A Splash Of Fun

This year we transitioned to a post-pandemic business world, with most employees returning to the office full or part-time. According to experts, to promote employee productivity, businesses must ensure that going to work is worth the effort. People will want to feel safe, of course, but they will also want an experience a commercial property that feels unique from their home interiors. The tapestry colour palette is ideal for this. It features colours that aren’t overbearing, yet they still have enough saturation and brightness to make things a bit more fun and lively.

Back To The Colour Wheel Basics

Businesses often use one of four colour schemes based on how colours interact on the colour wheel and in colour theory.

  • A monochromatic colour scheme uses one colour in varied tints and tones.
  • Complementary colours are found at opposing ends of the colour wheel, e.g. yellow and purple, orange and blue, red and green.
  • Triadic colours are a distinct variation on the split complementary colour scheme, with all colours separated by an equal distance on the colour wheel. Because all three colours are dispersed equally throughout the colour wheel, there is no evident dominance of one colour over the others.
  • Tertiary colours are created by combining two secondary colours or main and secondary colours to produce a new shade. For example, Chartreuse – green & yellow, Azure – blue & cyan, Rose – red & magenta.

While many of these can contribute to a solid first impression, commercial painting projects benefit the most from a complimentary colour scheme. The first colour in a pair of complementary colours should be the focus, while the second colour should be utilised for highlights and ornamentation.

Revive Your Property’s Interior & Inspire Workplace Productivity

Give your brand the headquarters it deserves. Inspire your employees and enthral your customers by remodelling your commercial interior. Now that you’ve got the inspiration to revive your commercial property’s interior before, you’ll need the right hands with the right experience to get the job done right the first time. Established in 1999, Brilliant Painting Innovation is a team of professional and highly skilled painters trained to offer commercial painting services in Perth with minimal business disruption.

You can ensure that your commercial painting job will be completed on time, on budget and to the highest quality standard. Looking for a commercial painter in Perth? Get in touch with Brilliant Painting innovation today.

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