Preparing Your Commercial Property For Painting

Commercial properties need to be maintained and painted regularly. It is a two-fold investment: 1) it is vital for the property’s value, and 2) it serves as a representation of your image and the association your clients have with your brand. Therefore, it’s beneficial to partner with Brilliant Painting Innovation, one of the most trusted and established commercial painting companies in Perth, that can head your painting project. Aside from removing a burden from your shoulders, you can be sure your project will be a success.

Before You Paint

There might be a need to refresh an existing colour scheme, or you might need to research colours and paints. There is, however, much planning and groundwork to be done before the fresh paint is applied. Building surfaces, whether interiors or exteriors, need to be prepared. Several steps are involved in this process, including pressure washing, caulking, sanding, fixing damaged surfaces and using primer.

All parts of the walls need to be cleaned of grime and debris and smoothed out. Imperfections cannot be hidden by even the most expensive paint. All the steps needed to prepare your property’s walls for painting are covered by commercial painting services.

The Importance Of Preparation

Ensures Long-Lasting Paint

Every painting project requires proper preparation in order for the paint to adhere properly and last longer instead of cracking, peeling and bubbling.

Long-Term Time & Cost Savings

The most suitable commercial painting services will address all the necessary work which needs to be done to ensure a perfect result. Cutting back on sub-contractors and accomplishing a perfect project will save you time delays and money. Prepping is a hallmark of a successful paint contractor.

Protects Assets & Fixtures

Most offices require drywall treatment, spackling and light carpentry work. The importance of preparing the interior goes beyond aesthetics and includes removing equipment, moving or covering office furniture and protecting soft furnishings and flooring. It is imperative to protect the contents and interiors of your office. Neglecting this step could prove expensive for your business.

Call us today for professional commercial painting services in Perth. Whether it is a commercial project or a residential one, we are ready with our quality advice and workmanship to make your dreams a reality. The commitment we make to meeting your deadlines and meeting your expectations is crucial to our success.

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