Introducing Interior Paint Finishes

Choose the right wall finish to ensure a great look, easy maintenance and long durability. In some paints, dirt and scuffs are magnets and can show imperfections mainly determined by the finish. Top interior painting services recommend familiarising yourself with the different finishes, their benefits and recommended applications.


This finish lets more paint pigment show through, creating a consistent surface and hiding imperfections. It’s unsuitable for high-traffic areas because removing stains is difficult and the paint surfaces become shiny if rubbed constantly.

Applications: These paints offer a flawless finish and are ideal for ceilings and very low-traffic areas.


An excellent paint finish for hiding wall imperfections, this finish is easy for touch-ups and can withstand regular washing.

Applications: Perfect for creating cosy rooms, such as TV lounges, where you can achieve a suede effect using a darker colour. Such walls and high-gloss skirting boards and doors create dimension and depth. It’s an ideal choice for busy rooms.


These paints have little gloss and are an excellent choice for reducing light reflection. They’re also easy to wipe and keep clean.

Applications: Its low sheen reflects a warm glow, making it ideal for family rooms and entranceways.


With a medium gloss finish, a pearl finish is soft, lustrous and smooth. The paint is easy to clean and durable. Still, it requires expert application due to its unforgiving nature when showing paint flaws.

Applications: This is an ideal paint to showcase trims such as wood panelling, skirting boards, and entire walls in high-traffic rooms.


Satin achieves a slightly higher gloss than eggshell. It also offers better resistance to stains and has higher durability. It’s easy to clean but needs careful application because it reveals brushstrokes, making touch-ups challenging.

Applications: Windows, trims and interior doors are perfect candidates for satin’s low lustre properties.


Gloss paints have very durable qualities. They attract and show dirt, but are easy to wipe off and lift stains. You’ll also find semi-gloss to high gloss and brilliant finishes among the paint options available in this category.

Applications: This finish will show cracks and imperfections. Reserve these paints for special rooms or trims. For windowless or darker spaces, gloss finishes are best.

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