Interior Painting Trends This Spring

While some decor trends may be timeless, paint trends are not as easily ageless. There are constantly new styles and colours coming into the limelight, stealing the show. Fresh season paint changes add so much life back into your home and are a great way to shake things up every few years or seasons. Here are three spring trends for interior home painting that may add a certain pop of colour to your home.

Deep Blue 

A dark wall has become incredibly popular over recent years. You do not have to paint the entirety of your home in one dark colour, but think more along the lines of highlighting one feature wall in a room. For example, a dark, deep blue wall in the dining room may break away from the previous colour palette in the home, causing a focal point in the house. This can be done in any room and not isolated to the colour blue. Dark greys are another great recommendation. Choosing one key wall in a room and creating a focal point around it will keep you in the trending loop.

Contrasting Trim

Painting your trim in a contrasting colour creates a fun break in a previously boring or unnoticeable transition. The trim used as a contrast can be placed either on the trim between the floor and the wall, the trim between the wall and the ceiling, or if your windows have trim around the window frame. Windows framed by a thick wood trim create a perfect piece to bring that extra pop of colour back into the home. You can use those same dark colours, or any colour of choice, in your soft furnishings to create a flowing theme and add to your home’s ambience.

Accented Walls 

Accent walls create the same effect as the dark tone wall in a room; however, it may bring some extra pop, colour and attention to a room. Accented walls can be made up of any pattern that brings the wow factor, or you can keep it more focused on hues and swirls rather than loud patterns. Whatever your choice, it will become a focal point. So choose wisely.

Ready to inject some colour into your home this spring with one (or all) of these interior painting trends? Contact Brilliant Painting Innovation today for professional interior home painting services in Perth and surrounding suburbs.

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