How To Choose The Best Painting Company

If you’re looking for expert painting services in Perth, then you need to know how to choose the right painter. Here are some basic things to check when choosing one of the best painting companies in Perth to complete a paint job, whether it’s painting the exterior or interior of your home or business.

Are They Registered?

An expert painter should be registered to ensure that they deliver the best possible quality. Being a registered contractor makes the painter more accountable and traceable should they deliver subpar services. Ultimately, a registered and licensed painter is much more likely to be experienced and to deliver good quality workmanship.

Can You See Their Previous Work?

A reliable and dependable painting contractor will have a good resume of previous paint jobs that they will be more than happy to show you. Ideally, they will have images of their previous jobs on their website. If the images on their website are not of their own work or if they cannot or will not show you previous jobs, then they should be avoided.

What Services Do They Offer?

A good painting service provider will typically offer a full painting service with ancillary services included in the quote. This would typically include a thorough and detailed priming job, two coats of quality paint applied with care and attention to detail, the covering and protection of any objects or surfaces inside or outside that you do want to get paint on, as well as professional clean-up surfaces afterwards.

Do They Have A Professional Attitude?

A good painter will treat you with professionalism and respect. They will answer the phone when called and respond to emails timeously. They will deliver a detailed and professional quote after carrying out a thorough inspection of the premises to determine the work required. They will show up on time and treat your property with respect and care. A good painter will also have a professional reputation among their previous clients, who you should call.

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