How Interior Home Painting Services Achieve Amazing Ceiling Results

When we paint our homes, we often look forward to changing the colour of our walls, but our ceilings are an afterthought. The task becomes daunting when we consider the amount of work required to paint ceilings. Most interior home painting services have professional systems and the knowledge to handle this important feature of our homes. What makes freshening up our ceilings so intimidating and what can we learn from the pros?

Squashing 3 Intimidating Factors With Solutions

  • Gravity

Aside from being larger than a single wall, ceilings also present a significant challenge due to gravity. While sanding overhead, dust clouds are formed and some paint drips when primer and colour are applied.

Solution: Wear protective gear, such as eyeglasses and a baseball cap, remove heavy furniture from the room, cover smaller pieces with dust covers, and cover the floor with non-slip plastic.

  • Light Fixtures

A light fixture must be protected, regardless of whether it is a crystal chandelier or a modern fixture, such as a spotlight or a hanging metal and glass pendulum.

Solution: To protect pendant lights, wrap them in a lightweight dropcloth or use painter’s tape for flush fixtures.

  • Accessibility

It’s tough to reach the corners and edges of the ceilings to cut them in before painting.

Solution: Use a longer-than-usual ladder to reach edges and corners. Use a roller with an extended handle (the lighter, the better) to sand and paint the rest of the ceiling to alleviate straining your arms and neck.

2 Amazing Tips For A Pristine Ceiling Makeover

  • Preparation

Painting any surface requires this step for success. There’s no getting around it. Untextured ceilings should be sanded to ensure a smooth paint job and strong adhesion. Then with a wet sponge, remove excess dust.

  • Primer

Roof leaks and upper-floor leaks cause stains. Cigarette smoke is another hazard. It’s ideal to use a primer that contains a stain block.

At Brilliant Painting Innovations, we’re a dedicated team of professionals committed to exceptional quality with attention to precision and cleanliness. We operate in Perth, its surrounding neighbourhoods and The Vines. Whether you need your ceilings or walls painted, call us and let us discuss how our exceptional interior painting services can help you.

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