Exterior Wood Restoration Guidelines

Certain types of wood may deteriorate at a slower pace than others, but it is inevitable that wood will eventually begin to erode in certain problem areas over time. There are steps to take to ensure a slower degradation process; however, once these areas become noticeable and the negative impact takes way, it is important to address these concerns quickly.

Here are some tips and tricks to help with exterior wood restoration at your home. If these problem areas are too serious to tackle alone, it is vital to contact a professional to help you bring your wood back into its former glory and give your home a breath of fresh air.


A fundamental step in wood restoration is deciding that your wood is, in fact, salvageable. Your wood should be free from large splits, warps and rotten areas. Splintering on the surface can often be sanded down and restored. However, if the splintering occurs deep within the wood along with rotting areas, this may not be a wood that can be restored.

Sanding 101

The next logical step is to sand down the surface of the areas you would like to restore. Sanding gets rid of any unwanted coatings so that you can start the process correctly and from scratch. Bringing the actual wood to the surface is the goal, without any sealer on top. You may even want to sand away the top layer of damaged wood if necessary to have a smooth and healthy surface to begin to work on.

Power sanders may be used to make the process go faster; however, take precautions and be aware of not sanding too much substance away. To give your surface a uniform look, you may use a wood bleach to help everything reach the same colour and address dark problem spots.


Adding a layer or two of protection to your exterior wood is a must in restoration. We need to ensure that it can withstand the external forces that nature brings, as well as give it a beautiful and fresh look. Sealers can be used as well as a multitude of products that all deliver different outcomes.

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