Breathe New Life Into Your Property With Residential Painting Services

Have you been feeling as if your home needs a bit of a facelift? Have the years of wear and tear made your house look dreary and unkempt? House painting services in Perth are a great way to give your home the boost it needs! You might especially be on the lookout for residential painting services if you are hoping to put your house on the market soon, or it could simply be a part of your overall home maintenance plan to ensure the longevity and preservation of your property.

Feeling a bit stuck? Our team at Brilliant Painting has compiled a list of ways you can rejuvenate your space with paint and colour. Let’s take a look!

Space Feeling Small? Use Colour To Make It Feel Bigger!

Choosing lighter colours or pastels, even neutral tones, can make the space feel bigger. It opens up the space by using light to brighten and refresh the feel of the space. Experiment with textures and furniture accents to add flair and interest.

Does Your Space Feel Lost And Empty? Use Paint To Cosy It Up.

A bold colour choice on the darker range of tones is the way to go if you want to make the space feel more intimate and cosy. A great idea is to speak to your painter for advice on how the lighting (both natural and artificial) will play a role in any colour choice you may have. Remember, colour needs lighting to work effectively.

Feel Bored? Create Drama And Intrigue With A Feature Wall!

Nothing catches the eye quite like a dramatic feature wall painted in a bold colour. In fact, the colour itself does not even have to be a bold choice, but simply the fact that it is singular and different from adjoining walls will create a visual focal point.

Want To Have Fun? Play With Perception.

Choosing to paint darker colours on opposing walls or even the roof can have some very interesting visual effects to create an elevated experience in the space. Make the room feel as big or as small as you would like it and create a visual journey with colour and paint!

Ready For A Change?

Brilliant Painting offers house painting services in Perth that will truly impress. No project is too big or too small, simply get in touch with us and explore your options for residential

painting with our friendly and helpful team. Refresh your space today!

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