3 Interior Painting Mistakes To Avoid

Nothing is more frustrating than spending money on paint and tools only to realise the results are ghastly. Perhaps you were lucky and your results are pretty good. However, a few months later, you’ve discovered that your paintwork has cracked, and you can no longer ignore unsightly blotches on your walls.

Professional interior home painting services know about achieving the aesthetics and glamorous look we desire in our homes. Here are three crucial mistakes they avoid:

1) Skimping On Quality Paint

The long-term benefits of better-quality paint are more significant than you might think. A higher-end brand has better binders that adhere to surfaces instantly and prevent your colour from blistering and cracking, protecting walls from scuffing, mildew and fading. High-quality paint has a deeper pigmentation, so you’ll use less paint for your painting job. Even if applied expertly, cheaper paint won’t do your home any favours.

2) Misunderstanding The Complexity Behind The Colour White 

White is white, right? It’s not quite so! This is where many painting projects fail. Knowing your white shades is essential because these are the colours of ceilings and most utility rooms, such as bathrooms and kitchens. Of course, it also works well in living spaces. The right white gives you many options for creating a welcoming interior. A pure white shade can enhance art, a warm white creates a cosy atmosphere in a room with little natural light, and a cooler white expands a smaller space.

3) Being Unaware Of The Different Types Of Paint Finishes & Their Applications

If you choose the incorrect paint for your interiors, you could have a costly and disastrous paint job. A paint’s finish, such as gloss, satin finish, eggshell or matte, will characterise the paint’s aesthetic, maintenance and durability. The best painters not only know about the different finishes and their benefits, but they also consider factors such as lighting, size and functionality of the space before offering you advice.

With 24 years of meticulous execution under our belts, Brilliant Painting is an interior home painting service you can trust. Our regal service in Perth reflects quality awareness, unsurpassed techniques and professional preparation. Contact us and get your free colour consultation and quote today.

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